Steve-jobs Dies -- 10/5/2011


On October 5th of 2011, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc. and creator of several trendy, hand held digital devices, died of cancer at the age of 56. Steve Jobs was an entrepreneurial scientist and also a driven perfectionist who became the CEO of Apple, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios. The devices he made or helped produce comprise the iPod (2001), the iPhone (2007), the iPad (2010), and the Mac.  

Steve Jobs was born to a pair of unmarried graduate students on February 24th of 1955. He was adopted by a man called Paul Jobs and his wife, Clara Jobs of all Silicon Valley. In the age of 13, Bill Hewlett of Hewlett Packard provided Steve Jobs employment. Steve was a tiny drifter in his adult life, attending Reed faculty in Oregon for one semester before falling out traveling to find enlightenment. Around this time, Jobs worked for a game maker called Atari. Back in 1985, Jobs left Apple within a power struggle, and founded his own firm, called NeXT. The World Wide Web has been constructed using a NeXT workstation, however the system was too pricey to get a lot of an audience. Back in 1976, Jobs co-founded Apple Inc. with his friend, Steve Wozniak. The idea was to market Wozniak's Apple I personal computer. They began the company in the house of Steve jobs 'parents in the garage. Back in 1977, the Apple II, which became the very first popular personal computer was started by them. Back in 1980, the company called Apple went public, and Steve Jobs turned into a multi-millionaire at the age of 25. Four decades later, the Macintosh, that allowed users to point and click on a mouse was produced by Apple, rather than having to type in controls. This fresh development revolutionized the consumer experience. Apple was going broke without Steve Jobs, therefore in 1997, Apple bought NeXT, and signed up on Steve Jobs as a adviser. Into the Apple business turned transforming it to one of the world's most valuable businesses. Jobs acquired a small computer graphics studio and renamed it Pixar Animation Studios. The first fully computer animated feature film ever, Toy Story was produced by Pixar. After several more blockbuster hit movies, the Walt Disney Company bought Pixar for seven billion dollars. Despite medical issues dating back up to 2000, Steve Jobs continued his pioneering work at Apple, Inc.. Folks were starting to see his gaunt appearance, as he made demonstrations of his job. Some speculated that he could have cancer.  

Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreatic enzyme in 2003. He was the tumor along with also a liver transplant in 2009. On August 24th of 2011, his retirement was announced by Steve Jobs. Six weeks later, he died in his house in Palo Alto, California, leaving four kids and his wife to devote his net worth of over 7 billion dollars.

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