Patriots Dominate Texans With Third String Quarter Back


When you consider playing in the level required by the NFL, needing to play your next string quarterback is that you will lose. Nonetheless, this is not of the case in New England. They started rookie quarterback Jacoby Bursett and Thursday night the Patriots faced off against the Houston Texans and that he played like a veteran. I believe all seeing were really impressed with this celebrity excellent athlete. I'm unsure what they are currently feeding these players up in New England but whatever they are doing is working and working moment. Their star quarterback Tom Brady is frozen for the first 4 games of this year. I am sure by now deflate-gate has been learned of by the whole universe. Normally a team would battle coping with a loss early in this season, since the Patriots have begun the season 3-0 but this is not the case in New England. The shocking part is that that they are 3-0 without there celebrity quarterback!

The Patriots shut out the Texans 27-0 with their rookie third string quarterback. Part of me is thinking should the NFL simply offer them the Lumbordi trophy right now? Bill Belicheck is a genius and he's number one and his group 3-0 . This group looks scary moving forward this year and good things are coming. Thursday night's game seemed different as they never once looked back and jumped out to a early lead. The Texans were dominated by the Patriots in each and every facet of the game. From offense to even teams and defense move was being made by that this group after move. The game wasn't even shut and had myself wondering why the Texans revealed? It seemed like they had been there just to be there and played with a game that was conservative.

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