Man Circumnavigates World Foot -- 10/5/1974


On October 5th of 1974, 35-year older David Kunst became the first man to circumnavigate the globe on foot. It took four decades, three months and 16 days to select the walk. Dave wore out 21 pairs of sneakers in the process of finishing the journey of about 14,500 miles. That is approximately 20 million steps.  

Kunst's walk might not have become the very first circumnavigation by foot. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, additional circumnavigators include Dumitru Dan and George Matthew Schilling. On the other hand, David Kunst's achievement is a remarkable one, nonetheless.   The excursion took him across the territory of four continents. He had abandoned his hometown of Waseca, Minnesota, on June 20th of 1970. He returned in the west. At the edge of each land mass, he would touch the sea. Then he'd fly across the ocean, then put the ocean on the opposite side. Then he'd walk across that land mass the coast, fly across another ocean, and so on. John was shot by bandits in Afghanistan and David was severely injured, although David was followed by his brother John. In which it took him months to recuperate, David returned again to finish his circumnavigation, beginning from the place where his brother had died after returning to Minnesota. This time, he also brought his brother Peter, but Peter had to return for medical reasons. When David found himself dragging his supplies in Australia that was, following his brother Peter had abandoned and David's third mule had died. David Kunst was created in Caledonia, Minnesota on July 16th of 1939. He was one of at least three brothers that are adventurous. Fortunately, as came a school teacher from Perth, Jenni Samuel. While David walked alongside David's stuff was dragged by her behind her automobile. Later he completed his trip David returned to Australia for a year. Jenni Samuel was wed by him, along with the pair are still collectively at 2013. Kunst cited as the rationale behind his magnificent journey that he had been tired of his job, tired of his wife, and tired of those "little folks" who do not need to believe. Throughout the travel, David helped raise money for UNICEF, by accepting sponsorships and asking people to contribute. David finished the journey coming back on October 5th of 1974 in Waseca despite getting two brothers ready to make the excursion.

David's walk is recorded from the 1979 book, The Man Who Walked Around the World. Even the Kunst brothers were commemorated using a sign in their hometown of Caledonia, Minnesota, in June of 2004. The sign states, Caledonia: Birthplace of this Earth Walkers David, Peter and John Kunst.   At the start of their journey, all the brothers had had been a letter from Senator Hubert Humphrey to be signed by officials along the way, a thousand dollars in cash, and a mule.

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