Blue Lives Matter: Poisoning Cops In Layton, Utah


The poisoning in Layton, Utah was as surprising as a rainy summer day in Los Angeles. Utah is the one of the very last places one would expect to find a sandwich store employee abuse police officers.

Layton Police Sergeant Clint Bobrowski, who detected the sergeant if he returned to the police station and then verified that he was in uniform, confirmed the occasions. Bobrowski claimed that the underlying motive was poisoning a police officer -- which was possible because he was in uniform, since the sergeant in question has been indentiable. Blue Lives Matter movements have subsequently picked the story up .   In case the material is a poison, such as occurred in this case, this offense is a 2nd degree felony under the Criminal Code of Utah. Researchers were quick to identify the drink as the source of the drugs and Ukena since the suspect. Ion scanning on the remaining part (that the victim reported as tasting unusual) confirmed the presence of drugs. A subsequent inspection of surveillance tapes in the Subway shows Ukena becoming the drink of officer and then moving off-camera with beverage in hand for a remarkably long time before returning to provide the beverage. A drink served on August 8th, 2016 to an unnamed police sergeant in a Layton Subway shop comprised over just lemonade. The combo of methamphetamine, THC (the psychoactive part of bud), and also unnamed narcotics found in the drink served to some police sergeant left him feeling dissociated in the own body and not able to focus. Although the sergeant recovered, the process is only starting for Tanus Lloyd Ukena, the employee who served up the beverage that is tainted.

Bobrowski has gone out of his strategy in part as this crime was unusual in the generally community. The officer is currently recovering at home and has since been discharged from the hospital.  

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